The 11th Hour Company of Prophets

mission & Vision

"EOG" - Eagles of Fire mission is for each student to experience God with a fresh encounter.


The Prophetic School of Ministry is also know as " Open Veil Congress of the Holy Spirit, the 11th Hour Prophetic Intercessors and Keepers of the Flame.

Here you will become equipped, trained, receive impartation, and a fresh encounter with the Spirit of the Living God as he restores Prophets an Apostles ministry to the church.


Here you will learn:

1. How to identify and flow in your own personal spiritual gifts for the purpose of practical ministry.

2. Learn and understand human personality and temperament.

3.  Prophetic destiny and its relation to spiritual gifts.

4. The different levels of maturity in the life of a believer.

5.  The role of a minister, the Person of the Holy Spirit, connecting one’s gifts with God’s timing. Accountability.

















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